Jeff M. Brown, CPA, CMA, BA

Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur - Consultant



Welcome to my website. This site introduces and provides background information on Jeff M. Brown. There are a number of dimensions to who I am, what I do, and what I am capable of.


My key areas of interest and expertise are:

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Author
  • Pubic Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Professional Accountant CPA, CMA

As a social entrepreneur, I am very passionate about developing businesses that benefit children, parents and business start-ups. I believe that if we can help develop these three pillars of society, that we can do great things, and impact people’s lives.

 I founded the following social ventures (select ventures there are more in development):

As an author I share thought provoking ways of looking at teaching children business and strategies for parenting. 

  1. As author of The kids' Guide to Business, I relate business to the lemonade stand to describe business principles.
    As author of Strategies for Parenting - The Road to Independence, I discuss logical and effective strategies for parenting.
    As the author of Teaching Kids Business: Why, What, When, Where, How & Impact I offer great strategies and activities to engage kids in business.

  2. As a public speaker, I have a very unique offering of teaching children business directly to children, or to businesses, and parents. Having founded I am committed to this social cause and have created comprehensive resources to draw on. An added appeal to an audience is the connection with parents.
    I can combine the subject matter of teaching children business and strategies for parenting.

  3. As a professional accountant CMA,I have experience in a range of industries with a strong skill set on cost control, budgeting and operational efficiency. A very strategic thinker and excellent developer and educator on development and use of financial information. I have held senior roles in a variety of businesses and industries.